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Southwest Behavioral Health Center is the prepaid mental health provider for all Medicaid enrollees in the designated counties of Southwest Utah. If you live in the Center’s service area (Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Iron or Washington counties), have a Medicaid card, and need mental health services (psychiatric, hospital or clinical), Southwest Behavioral Health Center is your provider. All of your mental health care must be approved by Southwest Behavioral Health Center before you or any family member can receive services to be paid by Medicaid. Services provided by other physicians or providers MUST be pre-authorized by Southwest Behavioral Health Center. Call one of the offices or (800) 574-6763 toll-free to request services.

The office in your area will evaluate the need for services and establish a plan with you. Medicaid clients may qualify for transportation assistance. For more information, contact the Intake Specialist in the office where you receive treatment. For information on Southwest Behavioral Health Center’s formal grievance process, contact the receptionist at one of the offices.

Medicaid Handbook (english)
Section 1 :: Introducion
Section 2 :: Covered Services
Section 3 :: Service Not Covered
Section 4 :: Transportation
Section 5 :: Interpreter
Section 6 :: Getting Mental Health Services
Section 7 :: Choosing Providers
Section 8 :: Emergency Services
Section 9 :: Mental Health Care In A Hospital
Section 10 :: Payment For Services
Section 11 :: Rights & Responsibilities
Section 12 :: Complaints & Grievances
Section 13 :: Actions
Section 14 :: Appeals
Section 15 :: Medicaid Fair Hearings
Section 16 :: Advance Health Care Directives
Section 17 :: Privacy
Section 18 :: Center Operations
Medicaid Handbook (spanish)
Seccion 1 :: Introducion
Seccion 2 :: Servicios Cubiertos
Seccion 3 :: servicio no cubierto
Seccion 4 :: Transporte
Seccion 5 :: Intérprete
Seccion 6 :: Cómo Servicios de Salud Mental
Seccion 7 :: La elección de proveedores
Seccion 8 :: Servicios de Emergencia
Seccion 9 :: Atención de salud mental en un hospital
Seccion 10 :: Pago Por Servicios
Seccion 11 :: Derechos y Responsabilidades
Seccion 12 :: Quejas y Reclamaciones
Seccion 13 :: acciones
Seccion 14 :: Apelaciones
Seccion 15 :: Audiencias imparciales de Medicaid
Seccion 16 :: Directivas Anticipadas de Cuidado de Salud
Seccion 17 :: Privacidad
Seccion 18 :: Center Operations


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